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It was in a corner that you reflected when the teacher put you in a punishment.
In the corner, take a breath after a match. In a corner you find what you have been looking for for some time and you thought you had lost forever. It's the corner of paradise you want after months of work. In the corner we find the particularity of the image, the right shot, the quid that was missing. It is in the corner that the professionals of the image find the right perspective to create the beauty contained in you.

The Team

Love: for photography, for its essence and its spontaneity.
Passion: for our work, desire to express our vision of things.
Friendship: essence of our team, understand each other only with a glance.
Here we are.

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Marcello Panebianco

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Many years ago I had chose to tell stories, the true stories of the people I met traveling. The camera is the most faithful companion, a sincere friend through which to look at the world and capture unrepeatable moments. There are those who love to narrate through words, I love doing it using images and even if, since I started, more than 25 years ago, I do not feel the heavy of my work at all. Day by day, they imprint moments stealing a bit of eternity at the time.

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Erika Escher

Video Editor
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Video Editor

Lover of art in all its facets, I decided to take the road of video editing at 25 years almost for fun, thus discovering the way that allows me to tell the best moments of life. The degree in pedagogy today helps me to understand and interpret the soul of those I face, perhaps for this reason I can excite people with my creations.

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We love to tell with elegance and sobriety the most beautiful moments of your wedding capturing beauty and moments of life with a contemporary style.
Every love story is unique and unrepeatable.

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Precious memories to be stored in the most important corners.

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Over the years the way of doing communication has changed. A company today spreads its services quickly and professionally through the image. Our aim is to convey the credibility and reliability of your company through videos and promotional photos.

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